Minority Mentor Program

APTA-Mississippi is leading efforts with a new Minority Mentoring Program.  This program improves outlet for self-identified minority students to pair with a like mentor for greater comfort in training and experience.  

Students– If you are a student desiring to be paired with a mentor that shares your same demographic,click here to download the student application.

Mentors– If you a mentor who identifies as a minority that is willing to work with and support a student who desires a working relationship with you,click here to download the mentor application.

For the purposes of this program, minority may be any demographic by which you personally identify.  We cannot guarantee a successful match, but we will do our best to pair students and mentors as able.

Please return completed applications to Ryan Kelly at ryan.kelly@apta-ms.org. 

Matches will be made once two available like pairings are submitted to the association. 

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