A Message from the President

To advance the profession of physical therapy with excellence, integrity, and collaboration to serve and advocate for the health and wellness of the people of Mississippi.

This is APTA Mississippi’s mission. The mission will guide our chapter in all strategic planning and decision making.

This is my first opportunity to address the membership of APTA Mississippi as your new chapter president! Serving as president is an honor of a lifetime and I am completely humbled. Thank you for your confidence in me. I intend to serve you the members and mission of APTA Mississippi to the best of my ability. I am forever thankful to our past chapter presidents and board members for their advocacy and promotion of APTA Mississippi’s mission and the profession of physical therapy.

Speaking of our great profession, U.S. News & World Report ranked physical therapy as the third-best health care job in the U.S. This is a testament to the vital role the physical therapy plays in helping people maximize their daily lives. Of course, we know it to be the best profession!

Thank you to our physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and student members. Without your intentional and continued support APTA-MS would not exist.

Congratulations to our newly elected officers and appointed committee chairs. Please refer to apta-ms.org/news for full 2023 board election results. Thank you to all candidates for deciding to run for an office. Your participation has been happily noted and I look forward to connecting with you to find out where in our chapter you are most interested in serving.

On January 21, the APTA-MS Board of Directors met at UMMC, School of Physical Therapy, for its annual retreat. The Board is outstanding and remained engaged throughout the four hours with new board member orientation and strategic planning for 2023.

On Tuesday, January 24, APTA-MS signed on in support of Senate Bill 2622, the Mississippi Prior Authorization Reform Act. The prior authorization process is overly burdensome for physical therapists. We strongly support efforts to streamline the prior authorization process and make it more efficient and transparent. Additionally, patient self-referral (known as direct access) bills were introduced into the Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives earlier in January. Mississippi is one of three states with limited direct access. We continue the journey toward full direct access to physical therapy for Mississippians!

Much of APTA Mississippi’s planning will revolve around our strategic plan:

  • Increase membership by 10%. We will accomplish this by promoting the value of membership to our members and prospective members.
  • Expand public knowledge and awareness of the benefits of direct access to PT services.
  • Increase diversity in the profession. Through early engagement at the high school and middle school levels, career fairs, and one-on-one mentoring we will have a positive impact toward this goal.

A special note of gratitude to immediate past president, Meg King. Under her two terms as president the chapter successfully navigated through a pandemic and is positioned for success.

Thank you again for your support of APTA Mississippi. All my best to you, looking forward to a successful 2023!

David Friloux, PT, DPT, MSHA


APTA Mississippi

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